Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is everyone still reading this? Still around? still alive?These past few mths have been wow in many ways. The Lord has been breaking me. The storms have only been more of a "thunderstorm" than a tornado but Praise the Lord! Ive been learning about suffering. I want to suffer. I want to get past "Americanized Christianity" and PRESS ON to the real stuff. I get sick of the selfishness us Americans have!!! ugh! I have been blessed on 06 so far to go to Passion and learn SOOO much and get to know people. Oh it was so awesome to get to know people!!! People are amazing!!! I have gotten to hear John piper preach and Beth Moore. Wow the Lord has let me see new incredible people of God. I got to be lead by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Watermark, etc to the thrown!! It was AMAZING!Then if that didnt begin my year right, I got to be a leader on the SMIC winter retreat. Oh what a punch in the face in more than one way! I was alone. I was used to being with all my friends etc but no, I was by myself. It was such a wake up of how my world has changed. I praised the Lord that He is my stronghold. I got to hear Matt Sutliff teach. Amazing guy. that blew me away too that He was in "my age" of friends. The speaker of the retreat. am I getting old or what!?!?! All He said was RIGHT ON to what I have been learning, like i said earlier bout the suffering. He talked in detail bout "taking up our cross". I am at the point where I see how my life is so uncertain. I have so many decisions to be making, its kinda scary but I am excited to see what the Lord will do if we are just open!!I graduate in a little over a year. Grad school? Where? Go straight to teaching? Where? SOO MANY DECISIONS>Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone in whats going on in the non-stop world of Heather.I cant wait to hear whats going on with yall and what the Lord is doing in everyone's life!!!Until then.....................................For Him and His Glory.......................HeatheRJoy


Blogger Amber said...

Heather, I am right there with you on all that you siad! Retreat for me was a total wake up call! I felt like God was saying wake up and KNOW me! Not just know about me! KNOW ME! Wow how God is changing me. Changing me in ways that are painful and really hard to deal with. But you know God is fiathful and he never gives up on us! That always amazes me how we can be our sinful dirty selves and God stil is calling us back to Himself to have a intiamte relationship with Him. Oh how He loves us and He knows what we really are! Anywho thanks so much for sharing. I wish you could have been there Wed. nite to share and hear what others had to say. It was such an encouragement. And I just want to say thanks for always having something to say about God and Him working in your life and the lives of others.. It is really a blessing to me! Have a great day!
Love ya, Amber

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