Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's up guys?!

Wow. It's hard to believe I haven't heard from most of you since the last day of camp. You guys have no idea how much you run through my thoughts and prayers. I really miss all of y'all.

Life is going good for me. Busy as always with sports. Had a basketball game tonight [lost =( ] but hey life's still good. I would ask that you guys pray for me, as I'm still in desparate need of finding a college to call home. I've turned it over to God, and I know He is going to put me where I belong, but sometimes I still find myself stressing out over it.

Really miss all of y'all. Hope you guys are as good as I am. Praying for you.

By HIS Grace Alone,
-Jason Hill

Oh and I really think this is a good idea for all of us to keep in touch. Nice work HJ!

Later on!


Blogger HeatherJoy said...

Thanks for posting! we are the actual "blogging"! =) I hope people actually post regularly.

9:05 PM


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