Saturday, November 26, 2005

Jason's post and a little thought myself

Jason added his post to amber's post as a comment so I thought Id post it here so everyone could see.

Hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did. It was nice to just chill and not have a crazy schedule for once. I really had an opportunity to just hang out with my family. Me and my brother got to shoot some hoops and spend some time together, which we haven't had much of lately. I thank God for having such an awesome brother, and for the relationship that we have. It's nice to have someone around that I can just hang out with without the drama of a normal friend. So overall, a great day. I think I gained about 20 pounds though. Hope you guys are doing good. God Bless y'all. -Jason H.

My thoughts:::::::::
I had such a wonderful time with my family. I hope all of you did too. I got to go to huntsville today to spend time with my family and we all had so much fun. I love being in hville. I could live there. Mountains all around while being in the valley. Houses and beautiful streets everywhere that could be on father of the bride. hmmm... my dad would like to move. It would be great. God's will alone.
I hope you looked for God in places you might have missed Him.
Prayer request: my summer. I am praying for the Lord to show me what to do in a lot of areas of interest and opportunities. I have many options and I know summer is a while away however for certain things, i have to pursue them now. God is ALL KNOWING AND IN CONTROL!!
til then....................HeatherJoy


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